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The HIGHWAY BEACON's® high profile reflector depresses below the road surface upon impact - then springs back up unharmed!


The innovative patented HIGHWAY BEACON® from RoadVision Technologies features simple, durable construction.  The design features a depressible reflector/steel piston assembly in a cylindrical housing, held in place by a threaded retainer ring (both made of high-strength polymers).


Rigorously Tested Highly Refined

The HIGHWAY BEACON® has been extensively tested in rigorous field and lab trials at some of the most prominent test facilities in the country.


Test conditions included high and low-temperature extremes - wet and dry environments - and extensive exposure to sand and gritty road materials.


Simulated road-mounted units exhibited no mechanical or fatigue failure, even after being subjected to one million impacts of fully loaded, rolling tires.


Rigorous plowing tests were also conducted under high-speed track conditions simulating worst-case usage.


The markers were also subjected to over 200,000 impacts by trucks with axle weights well above legal limits. The reflectors exhibited no perceivable loss of reflectivity after what is equivalent to several years of impacts from large trucks on a heavily traveled interstate. Current reflectors on the market, both sun-country and plowable, typically lose 80% to 90% of their initial reflectivity after 40,000 axle impacts of general interstate traffic. Additionally, the bond into the pavement and the surrounding pavement showed no deterioration throughout the testing.


HIGHWAY BEACON® Makes Safety & Maintenance Sense

  • High profile 3M™ reflective lenses give drivers great lane delineation – wet or dry.  Available in white, yellow, red and blue.
  • Plow blades do not damage the HIGHWAY BEACON®, nor are the blades damaged by the impact…and tired plow drivers no longer must endure annoying bumping and dangerous traction loss.
  • Unique design features prevent freezing from ice and melting/freezing snow and jamming from sand or road grit.
  • Abrasion problems are “no problem” with the shock absorbing depressible design, with minimizes tire impact forces on the reflective surface – thus negating the effect of sand, dirt, salt, and other roadway abrasives.
  • Drivers and motorcyclist notice a strong audio warning when changing lanes – but there is no “speed bump” type jarring or wheel deflection.
  • Easy year-round maintenance saves money and valuable crew time.

SI (Specific Intensity) values for white lenses test out at 3.0 and above.

To date, only non-depressible rigidly affixed markers have been available. Simple physics dictates that rigid markers cannot work because as lens profile becomes high enough to be visually effective, the resulting vehicle and plow impact forces quickly damage the lenses, castings and often plow blades. Only a depressible marker can provide adequate lens height and withstand vehicle and plow impacts. RoadVision Technologies has the only proven and feasible depressible technology.




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