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The most prevalent safety hazard facing the driving public continues to go unchallenged. Until now, no technology has been available to effectively address the danger of wet/night and fog visibility in regions where regular road plowing operations occur.  In areas that receive snow, sand storms or rock/land slides, plows must clear the pavement for traffic.  Road Vision Technologies has proven technology that will bring a dramatic increase in driver safety and guidance during wet conditions to tens of millions of motorists worldwide.

The mission of the Company is to become a leader in developing and marketing superior highway safety devices. The Company intends to market these products to specific federal, state, municipal and private agencies worldwide.

A vast, untapped market exists for a reflective pavement marker that can provide wet/night and fog visibility to motorists and can also withstand plowing, extreme weather and heavy traffic. The Highway Beacon® is the first and only marker that can meet those criteria.

The key issue is providing a lens profile sufficiently high to be visible in rain or fog yet can still perform while subjected to plow and traffic impacts. It is easy to see that only a depressible action that absorbs the impact forces can work. However, a moving mechanism will easily freeze or jam. The Highway Beacon®'s depressible technology prevents freezing and jamming without the use of seals, gaskets or O-rings.



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